MTG Match Report

A better way to keep record of your matches


Create your own deck

Create your decks with detailed information to keep track of your wins and losses

Input your matches

In addition to the final result of your match you can also input extra data, like cards that did or didn't work, in that match

See the reports

Get a full view of the strengths and weaknesses in the decks. This way you can adapt and improve your game

Perfect for all players!

Knowing the weaknesses of your deck is critical to having good results. We also have extra features and can do much more.

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Create a deck

With basic information

Sideboard guide

It's a optional feature.

Useful if you have trouble in handling sideboarding

Input match

When select a deck and opponent deck, you will see your sideboard guide. If you want to track your preboard and postboard percentage, its possible add informations by rounds. A option is add good / bad cards on the match.

List of matches

A way to see the matches

Report of matches

Simple report of your matches